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Manwiththegreenhat09 Manwiththegreenhat09 8 December 2020

A few changes

Hello big teddy, i hope you dont mind if i change some of the olivia wiki. I am deleting some of the parts that meantions Zodiac. If you didnt approve of it, im sorry. You can always edit the page again. I hope you can accept my forgivness for anything i did bad towards you

God bless

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Loco123456 Loco123456 10 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - The Lost Edition Petition: Please Sign

Hello everybody,

A nonprofit organization called "Restore the Magic" needs help in getting 10,000 signatures on their petition. The petition is to help get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The deadline for signing along with reaching the goal is May 1, 2019.

Please sign the petition, and also please share it with others who'd like to see the director's cut too.

Link to petition:

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Have a good day.

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Bjbarnett2011 Bjbarnett2011 15 February 2013

New Olivia promo: Kaleidoscope

Do you want to create a new promo for Olivia please???

A brand new promo for Olivia is kaleidoscope-styled and will offer images and videos for each character in a kaleidoscope/mirror format and also have a sitar-style kaleidoscope version of the Olivia theme song along with text in the center of the screen while the kaleidoscope is playing.

This promo will air on Nick Jr starting this early-March.

Here's a rundown of a new Olivia promo that will air on Nick Jr this early-March:

1. Ian

Animation: Going up, twirls around, drops down

Video Clip: Ian holding still at school

Text: Enlace auriorty...

2. Olivia's Mother

Animation: Twirls around in figure 8, going up, drops down

Video Clip: Olivia's Mother plays bowling, playing fun

Text: Let your leg down.…

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