The Gift 2: the Giftening

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The Gift 2: the Giftening is the twenty ninth and the last episode that was premiered on Nickelodeon on October 4, 2014.


  • Ayla Bauernfeind as Olivia Parkington
  • Daniel Bauernfeind as Ian Parkington
  • Caren Lenz as Olivia's Mother Parkington
  • Tom Bauernfeind, Jr. as Olivia's Father Parkington
  • Kathleen Johnson as Olivia's Grandmother Parkington
  • Eli Bauernfeind as Perry
  • Dexter Bauernfeind as Edwin
  • Lucy Bauernfeind as Edwin's Mother
  • Evelyn Bauernfeind as William Albright



  • Edwin scratches Ian Parkington's arm.

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