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Voiced by
Olivia (oldest sister)
Ian (older b(r)other)
Olivia's Mother (mother)
Olivia's Father (father)
Olivia's Grandmother (maternal grandmother)
William Albright is the youngest child in the pig family. he is also Olivia and Ian's baby brother. He is 10 months old, but he's not able to walk yet. In the book Best Sister Ever, he has his first birthday and turns 1 year old on season 3. He is nearly always seen with his mother, although Olivia has been allowed to watch him once while her mother did some work upstairs. William is the baby of the family and does what most babies do: he sleeps in his crib, eats, cries, and a lot of other baby things is most often amazingly adorable. William sleeps in his crib with Olivia's mom and Dad's bedroom and often causes mischief around the house. He was born on Olivia's 5th birthday. He is voiced by Robert Toonitititusa.


William is a pink-peach color. He wears a blue shirt and a white diaper, and puts the fish in his diaper. William has two long ears and a dark pink nose. William's eyes are small and black. Mostly, William is seen wearing pants of the same color as his shirt when traveling in Season 2.


William has appeared in most episodes of Olivia. His first appearance was in Olivia plays hotel and his last is not available.

Trivia & Notes

William almost ate a goldfish in Olivia is invited to dinner.

Olivia refers William as her baby brother and Ian as her little brother.

He wears the same thing like George in Peppa Pig.